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Feb 13, 2024
Dear Member; In light of the recent changes, we are optimistic about Manitoba Hydro’s future!  The announcement of Jay Grewal’s departure demonstrates a clear change in direction and a commitment to keeping hydro public.  Manitoba Hydro (has the second lowest electrical utility rates in all of North America) and is only 2nd to Quebec Hydro, which is a similarly configured and publicly owned utility.  This is living proof that Manitoba Hydro (among the greenest electricity producers in Canada) has been on a steady and proper course for many years and a big thanks to all those who have led and served the corporation to leave us in the enviable position we are in today.
Jan 12, 2024

Jan 10, 2024

Jan 09, 2024
Dear Member I would like to inform you about some important recent developments from Jan 4th, where the IBEW bargaining committee received a financial mandate from Manitoba Hydro. In response to receiving the mandate:
Jan 04, 2024
Dear Member This morning the IBEW bargaining committee received a financial mandate from Manitoba Hydro and the parties are actively working on a settlement offer.  IBEW has responded this afternoon with  an updated version of the offer that Manitoba Hydro is currently evaluating and will be reaching out to their principles for input/approval.  In light of these recent developments and the progress we have achieved, we have agreed to postpone the STRIKE VOTE until next week.  
Dec 29, 2023
Dear Member; As we approach the upcoming January 4th Strike Mandate Vote, we want to send out an update on a few items regarding negotiations for the 2024-2026 period.
Dec 22, 2023
Dear Member; On behalf of the IBEW office staff and the Executive, our heartfelt gratitude goes out to our dedicated IBEW members who play an instrumental role in the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity, as well as in providing the essential services needed to deliver power to the Province of Manitoba and its valued customers.  Your hard work and commitment contribute significantly to the seamless functioning of our electrical systems, ensuring a reliable and efficient service for all.  Thank you for your unwavering dedication and vital contributions to our community.
Dec 19, 2023
Dear member; I hope this message finds you well.  As we approach the final two days of bargaining on December 19th and 20th, marking a total of 10 days of negotiations for the 2024-2026 period, we must bring to your attention a critical development in the ongoing discussions.  As of this morning, we still do not have a financial mandate from Manitoba Hydro.
Dec 08, 2023
Dear member; On Dec 4th The Manitoba government announced a new board of directors for Manitoba Hydro.   The new board of directors will be chaired by Ben Graham, president and CEO of Manitoba Blue Cross and former president and CEO of Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI). Graham will be supported by former Hydro employees, labour experts and Indigenous leadership.
Dec 01, 2023
Dear valued member; I hope this message finds you well. We extend our sincere gratitude to all the members who actively participated in the recent bargaining survey conducted on November 2nd.  Your invaluable feedback has played a pivotal role in shaping our approach to the negotiation process.  The comprehensive survey results have been instrumental in developing key topics for discussion, as well as formulating recommendations for the adjustment of approximately 10 LOU’s and LOC’s (not included in this communication). December 1, 2023
Nov 10, 2023
Dear valued member; As Remembrance Day approaches, we take a moment to honour and recognize the profound sacrifices and contributions of generations that paved the way for us. It is not only a time to pay homage to those who have come before us but also to express our heartfelt gratitude to those who currently serve, ensuring our safety and freedom.
Nov 02, 2023
Dear Member; We have some exciting news to share regarding the recent developments in the MPI Strike! The MPI members' strike has officially concluded, and the ratified offer includes some significant gains for our members. Here's a summary of the agreement:
Oct 27, 2023
Dear Member; I trust this message finds you in good health and high spirits. Today, I am thrilled to share some uplifting news alongside crucial updates and important dates on the horizon.
Oct 06, 2023
Dear Member; As we gather with our loved ones this Thanksgiving, let us also take a moment to express our gratitude for the strong community and solidarity we share within IBEW Local 2034. Together, we have achieved so much and continue to make a positive impact in our industry. Thank you for your dedication, hard work, and commitment to our union. May this Thanksgiving bring you and your families peace, happiness, and a bountiful feast.
Oct 03, 2023
Dear Member; Today is a crucial day for our province, and your voice matters more than ever. The Manitoba provincial election is in full swing, and we want to remind you to exercise your right to vote before the election deadline at 8:00 PM tonight. Your vote is your opportunity to shape the future of Manitoba, to voice your concerns, and to support the candidates and policies that align with your values. This is a chance to make a real impact on the direction our province will take in the coming years. If you've already voted, thank you for participating in the democratic process. If you haven't voted yet, please make every effort to do so before the deadline. Your vote can make a difference. Let's come together as a community and exercise our right to vote. It's an essential part of our democracy, and your participation can help shape a brighter future for Manitoba.
Sep 22, 2023
Dear Member; I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. I am writing to you today with great enthusiasm and a deep sense of civic responsibility, as we approach this year's Manitoba Provincial Election scheduled on October 3rd. It is my firm belief that active participation in our democratic process is not only a privilege but also a vital duty of every citizen. Moreover, I would like to emphasize the numerous advantages of accessing the advance polling booths, which provide greater convenience and flexibility for voters.
Sep 15, 2023
Dear Member; IBEW 2034 wants to reach out and remind members how important it is to vote. Every vote will count in this election. We encourage our members to get involved and help elect a government on October 3rd that will improve working conditions at Manitoba Hydro and, as a result, increase the quality of life for you and your family.
Sep 12, 2023
Dear Member; As you may already be aware from previous updates, IBEW began the conciliation process on Sept 5th of last week with the intent to come to a resolution prior to arbitration which is scheduled for early 2024 on the following outstanding issues:
Sep 01, 2023
Dear Member; Wishing our hardworking and dedicated members and their families a safe and peaceful Labour Day Weekend. Enjoy the precious time with those who support you away from work!
Aug 25, 2023
Dear Member; Congratulations to MGEU (Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries) who reached a tentative deal Wednesday evening. The membership votes on the deal and results are expected early next week. The proposed four-year contract (retroactive to March 25, 2022) includes the following: 2022 – 2% 2023 (March 2%) &(October 3%) 2024 – 2% 2025 – 2% As well as pay scale adjustments, benefit enhancements, a one-time lump sum payment and shift premiums. This deal will help move the floor on public sector bargaining, and will serve to help in the future as we gather data and information to support our arguments in preparation for upcoming arbitration. Have a safe weekend.
Aug 11, 2023
Dear Member; We have confirmed the following dates for conciliation: • September 5, 8, 15, 26, 27, 28, 29 • October 4, 6 At conciliation we will attempt to resolve the outstanding issues, and if they remain unresolved they will be settled at Arbitration. We still do not have confirmed Arbitration dates, but anticipate being able to share details in the upcoming weeks. • Standby Rates of Pay • Mileage Rates • Resolving Non-Technical Issues from Home • Working on a Corporation Holiday • Northern Leave
Aug 04, 2023
Dear Member; Please feel free to share your concerns directly by call or email (or both) to voice your concerns over the double standard with regard to wage increases our current government has given themselves, as opposed to what they expect front line workers to take. See the attached flyers (be sure to put a delivery and read receipt on your email).  Feel free to share!
Jul 28, 2023
Dear Member, The results of the ratification vote have been tallied. We have confirmation that of the 89.2% of the membership that voted, 71.4% voted in favour of accepting the offer.
Jul 26, 2023
Dear Member, The ratification vote will go out to the membership at 12:30 (Today) July 26th, and close on July 28th (5:00 PM). Please check your spam and filters if you do not receive.
Jul 21, 2023
Dear Member, Prior to the ratification vote which will go out to the membership the afternoon of July 26th and close on July 28th (5:00 PM),  IBEW will be hosting three update meetings to allow members an opportunity to ask questions and get clarification on the offer from Hydro.  See link to Proposed  MEMORANDUM OF SETTLEMENTMANITOBA HYDRO - July 19, 2023.
Jul 19, 2023
Dear Member, The IBEW Bargaining Committee/Executive and Manitoba Hydro have reached a tentative agreement. What this means is that effective immediately, the strike has been halted pending a ratification vote which will occur next week. IBEW will be contacting the corporation immediately with notification to end all strike sanctions. A brief summary of the MOA will be sent out July 25th prior to the ratification vote which will go out to the membership the morning of July 26th and close on July 28th (5:00 PM). Below is a brief summary of improvements to the previous MOA that was voted on and rejected April 30th, 2023. Thank you for all your patience and support through these stressful times! In solidarity,
Jul 17, 2023
Dear Member, The Memo below went out to the media this morning.  It was originally scheduled to go out on Friday, but we did not want to compete with MGEU’s release about the Liquor and Lotteries Province-Wide Walk-out July 19th (1400 members).  As previously stated, we have been in close collaboration with affiliates and may be coordinating some future efforts.  I can share that the corporation has reached out to meet on Tuesday (July 18th)  morning.  We may be able to provide updates late Tuesday.
Jul 13, 2023
Dear Member, IBEW has applied 13 days of various strike activity which commenced on June 30th and has not yielded reasonable action from the corporation to end Labour disruption. In response to the many members showing strong support for the Union and expressing their strong desire for the Union to expand the strike, we can share that IBEW has returned a fair, but firm response to accelerate the process.
Jul 11, 2023
Dear IBEW Members, Please see the attached communication below (Italicized) . It was shared with IBEW from concerned AMHSSE members. Please read it carefully and see our notes. Feel free to have a discussion with AMHSSE members in your workplaces who are not being supported and feeling forced to do the dirty deeds for the corporation and compromise their reputations. They need to be supported and made aware of their options.
Jul 10, 2023
Dear Member; Big Thanks and Appreciation to all our IBEW members involved in the Generation, Transmission, and Distribution of our electricity and all the associated services required to deliver to our the Province of Manitoba and the customers we all serve. Please see attached memo below from our IVP Russ Shewchuk, re: National Lineworker Appreciation Day - July 10th
Jul 07, 2023
This afternoon, IBEW met with the corporation in attempt to bring clarity and support for our last offer. We also brought to the table the possibility of other options/solutions that we feel the membership would endorse. IBEW shared a couple options that would form a short-term deal, as well as provided what a possible longer-term deal would need to entail. These options were highlighted considering the recent announcements for Conservative MLA increases of 3.3% for 2023 and 3.6% forecasted for 2024. The corporation stated it will consider and respond to us no later than early next week. We also shared that there is growing pressure from the membership to engage in a Full-on conventional strike. We reminded the corporation that unless the corporation is willing to increase their offer to a reasonable level, additional sanctions will continue which will ultimately result in a Union wide walk out. We recently repealed some of the strike restrictions in some of the northern and isolated communities after consultation with the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, to offer a timelier response to community safety and needs. We understand that things are not moving at the pace our membership would prefer, but we are attempting to do everything we can to avoid more progressive and severe sanctions. Thank you to all our members for their patience, feedback, and support.
Jul 07, 2023
STRIKE NOTIFICATION - Friday July 7th, 2023 Please be advised that the IBEW member employees (in Red) below, unless indicated as exceptions, shall be on strike as indicated (This notification supersedes previous strike notices):
Jul 06, 2023
Dear Member; It appears there are 2 different standards for the elite, and those in public sector bargaining. MLAs will receive 3.3% for 2023, and forecasted to receive 3.6% in 2024, and 3.6% in 2025, Including extra bonuses for the Premier and cabinet ministers.
Jul 06, 2023
Dear Member; The IBEW negotiation committee has been working diligently to bargain a new collective agreement with Manitoba Hydro that is fair, competitive, and reasonable. On June 29th, Manitoba Hydro came back to the committee with a slightly improved offer from the one our membership last voted on May 30th, 2023, with the following improvements (see comments):
Jul 04, 2023
STRIKE NOTIFICATION - Tuesday July 4th, 2023 Please be advised that the IBEW member employees (in Red) below, unless indicated as exceptions, shall be on strike as indicated:
Jun 30, 2023
Please be advised that the IBEW member employees (in Red) below, unless indicated as exceptions, shall be on strike as indicated:
Jun 29, 2023
Dear Member; Today, June 29th, 2023 at 11:00 AM, the bargaining Committee met with the corporation in an attempt to avert Strike sanctions.  The corporation stated that it has been working extremely hard to get government approval to increase their last offer and the Hydro bargaining executive came forward with the following improvements from the last offer that was rejected on May 30th.
Jun 28, 2023
Dear Member; Today, June 28th/2023 at 11:00 AM, the bargaining Committee delivered 48-hour notice of our intention to evoke strike sanctions. I can also share that today at 12:00 noon, IBEW and Manitoba Hydro have come to an agreement (see link) on an EMERGENCY/ESSENTIAL SERVICES AGREEMENT COVERING EMERGECY RESPONSE CREWS (ERC).
Jun 23, 2023
The IBEW Motorcycle charter will be participating in the Breast Cancer Pledge Ride on Sunday June 25th.  Motorcycle riders from IBEW Local 2034, 2085, and 435 are all invited to participate in The Breast Cancer Ride on Sunday June 25th.   In 2022 Over 290 people on over 250 motorcycles cruised the Manitoba highways raising more than $55,000 for the fight against breast cancer.  Breast Cancer Pledge Ride - Cancer Care Manitoba Foundation (
Jun 23, 2023
On May 30th/2023, the bargaining Committee informed the corporation regarding the failed ratification of the final offer with 87% of the membership voting to REJECT. Prior to the May 30th rejection of the final offer, the corporation suggested use of a single mediator/conciliator, but IBEW was not comfortable with (Arne Peltz) based on his public comments regarding UMFA. See the link On June16th, IBEW officially received approval to proceed with Strike actions with full support from Our IVP (Russ Shewchuck) and our International President (Kenneth W. Cooper). On June 19th, IBEW met with Manitoba Hydro, in an effort to come to a consensus on an Emergency Services Agreement. We have and continue to be committed to maintaining our Volunteer Emergency Response Crews and Emergency Medical Services that serve to protect members of the public, as well as over 45 Billion of Manitoba Hydro and Province of Manitoba’s assets. On June 23rd (16:30 Today), we have not yetreached a reasonable ESA agreement. As previously communicated in a member update on June 9/2023, it is extremely concerning that amidst IBEW bargaining and potential labour action, Manitoba Hydro seems pre-occupied with Executive Salary increases and bonuses. Manitoba Hydro (with approval from gov’t) has elected to use some of the over $700,000,000 (million) in Net Profit for 2022-23 to award SEVERAL MILLIONS in non-negotiated bonuses to approximately 2000 employees consisting of all the Highest Salaries at Manitoba Hydro (Executives/Corporate Exempt/Management/Professional Engineers/Supervisors). These bonuses include additional increases up to 1.75% and lump sum bonuses of 1.25%, as well as 2 extra days (.84% bonus) vacation days (see below). Staff with questions or in need of more information, contact Total Rewards at
Jun 16, 2023
Dear Member; Yesterday in Carberry, the province of Manitoba experienced a horrific mass casualty having an effect on so many.  It is difficult to comprehend the devastation for the families as well as the shock and grief that has been wrought suddenly upon so many people.  I join every one of you in extending our deepest sympathies to the victims and their loved ones.
Jun 09, 2023
Dear Member; In response to the many calls and comments regarding the additional pay grade adjustments and vacation hours for AMHSSE staff, IBEW would like to provide some commentary. This past week we were alerted that this supplemental compensation package was going to take place. At that meeting, we understood the principal drivers revolved around attraction, retention, compression, and equity. We asked the following questions: • Was the project driven by Management, or from what area of the corporation? • Did the corporation seek approval from the compensation review committee (Broadway)? • Can we expect the same principles to apply to ALL areas of the corporation? I’ll share what was omitted from todays article (see below): • Corporate Exempt (inclusive of MHPEA) will be receiving a Lump sum payment of 1.25% for 2023 in addition to what has already been scheduled. While it is concerning that the corporation appears to be pre-occupied with catering to some groups while we are amidst bargaining and a strike mandate, it also demonstrates there may be some latitude to address compensation issues. Lets hope Manitoba Hydro can substantiate its commitment to achieving a fair deal (like it claims) and incorporate these principles into our bargaining. In solidarity,
May 30, 2023
I want to thank our valued and dedicated membership for their participation in the ratification vote that came to a conclusion at noon today.  The members have spoken loudly and clearly that Manitoba Hydro’s offer is unacceptable with 82% participation in the vote and 87% of the membership voting to REJECT the final offer.
May 29, 2023
Dear Member; Please see information on upcoming 2023 IBEW Family Day/Picnic & Lineman's Rodeo to be held on June 3rd/2023 at Little Mountain Sportsplex (Winnipeg) (64-128 Klimpke Rd)
May 26, 2023
Dear Member; Reminder that today Friday May 26th/2023, a simply voting ballot will be delivered after Noon.   Please take the time to review the email that was sent yesterday (it is contained below for those that have not reviewed).
May 25, 2023
Dear Valued Member; Today (Thursday May 25th) at 12:19 PM, the corporation finally responded to the questions and concerns that were sent over to the corporation from IBEW on May19th.  44 minutes later at 1:03, we received notice that Manitoba Hydro would be sharing the final and complete offer on M-Power and publicly disclose many of the contents throughout the entire corporation.  If you are annoyed, you have every right to be.  At the beginning of bargaining the parties agreed to a specific set of ground rules (below) as a result of the employers’ actions during the last round of bargaining.  As you can see the corporation is back to its old tricks and games.  IBEW will review and consider its next steps regarding filing an unfair labour practice again regarding the corporations’ actions.
May 09, 2023
Dear Member; The IBEW District 1 Representatives are once again holding a cash draw of $20,000 first prize, and $5,000 each for 2nd and 3rd place.  Tickets are $100 and only 500 tickets will be sold. The $5000 Early Bird Draw will be held on May 23, 2023 at the IBEW/MS Golf Tournament in Gormley, ON as well as a 2nd $5,000 cash prize will be drawn at the IBEW All Canada Progress Meeting in Toronto, Ontario on August 16.  All winning tickets go back in for the subsequent draws and the $20,000 Grand Prize draw will take place  at the All Canada Progress Meeting in Toronto on August 16, 2023.
May 05, 2023
Dear Member; Since our last update on April 28th, the bargaining committees met on May 2 -3.  On the afternoon of May 3rd, and as anticipated Manitoba Hydro forwarded their final offer to take to the membership for a vote.  I can share some of the main monetary details of the offer, which are: 2022 - 1.75% 2023 - 1.5% Term of Contract - Feb 5, 2022-December 31,2023 1- time service recognition of $1000 (not applicable to students) Over the next week, our committee will seek clarification on the remaining items and terms of the offer and hope to get a response from the corporation on any issues raised.  Once we receive clarification from Manitoba Hydro, we will forward the complete offer to the membership with commentary on each item and a recommendation to either accept or reject the offer.  We hope to get information to the membership as early as May 26th and have a conclusion on the status of the vote by May 30th.  At the conclusion of the vote, we will remain committed to pursuing the direction and wishes of the membership.
Apr 28, 2023
Dear Member; Since our last update, additional bargaining dates of May 2-3 have been added. The parties had been discussing possible use of a mediator for these dates but the corporation was only willing to consider Arne Peltz and wanted IBEW to substantially reduce many of the outstanding items. We raised some concerns and provided feedback on April 6. Some of our concerns and comments:
Apr 27, 2023
Dear Member; The National Day of Mourning (April 28th) is the day we collectively take a moment to remember those who have been injured or tragically lost their lives to workplace injury or illness. Thank you to all of you who strive to maintain a safe workplace for your co-workers and future IBEW members, as well as the public. For those that are able, see details regarding the MFL Ceremony. This Manitoba Federation of Labour will host a Ceremony and Leaders’ Walk in honour of the National Day of Mourning Friday April 28th on (Broadway St Winnipeg). • 11:00 am: Gather at the Union Centre (east side parking lot, in front of the mural) • 11:30 am: Safe Workers of Tomorrow Leaders’ Walk (from the Union Centre to Memorial Park) • 12:00 pm: Day of Mourning Ceremony at the Workers Memorial
Mar 31, 2023
Dear Member; The Negotiation Committees were last scheduled to meet on March 15th, but unfortunately bargaining was postponed as a result of Manitoba Hydro stating that it was not currently in a position to substantively increase the last offer. Future bargaining dates which are not currently scheduled, may include the utilization of a mediator. On a separate, but what we believe to be a related issue, Friday March 27th Workers Compensation Board (WCB) members (CUPE 1063) accepted and ratified a new collective agreement with increases in wages of 9% over the 4 year period with some other increased benefits. Here is a brief summary of the offer to CUPE 1063 (WCB)
Mar 30, 2023
Dear Member, Please see information in the underlined link regarding the IBEW LOCAL 2034 BURSARY/SCHOLARSHIP - U of M This bursary is not to be confused with IBEW Local scholarship fund.
Mar 15, 2023
Dear Member; This will serve as a reminder of the individual scholarships sponsored by Local 2034 and available to our members. Please see the information below and consider applying.
Feb 18, 2023
Dear Member; On Feb 15th/2023 the Bargaining committees returned to the table. The corporation’s committee came with an updated offer which had minimal improvements from the last time we met. Some of the updated items discussed that may have a cost. 1.5% in 2022 (.25% improvement from last offer of 1.25%) 1.5% in 2023 (no change) Boot allowance increases which equate to about $60/yr increase. This will help some staff to recover a greater portion of the expense for their required PPE, but does not equate to much in overall gains for the membership. Some language improvement on leave provisions for staff working non-isolated or non-remote locations. The offer reduces the eligibility requirements from 55 days to 35 days, but is still capped at 7 trips/year. This represents a non-monetary improvement as it is capped at 7/year and leaves an employee stranded without leave after 245 days. The improvement does not equate to much in overall gains for the membership. The corporation’s offer of 1.5% (2022) and 1.5% (2023) will not address the depleted spending power that inflation has created. The cost of living in Manitoba in 2022 was 7.68% in 2022 (2022 CPI and Inflation Rates for Manitoba | Inflation Calculator), so anything less than the rate of inflation is effectively a rollback. Our membership have already suffered from suppressive mandates for many years going back to 2017. These mandates have resulted in a gradual decline in the standard of living and purchasing power. Another thing to note is that our wage rates are not competitive in the comparable Utility sector, not to mention that other employers in the neighboring potash mining industry will attract employees now and going forward. Our commitment, sacrifice, specialized training/expertise, and the exposure to environment/elements/working conditions greatly set us apart from any other groups. We shared that based on membership surveys and membership feedback, that the current offer from the Manitoba Hydro will have NO chance of succeeding a ratification vote. The recent UNIFOR arbitration result decided by Michael Werier was nothing short of extremely disappointing. Awarding 1.5% for the year 2022 and 1.75% for the year 2023 with all the recent cost of living references for 2022 is difficult to understand. We await patiently to see Michael Werier’s rational for his decision in the upcoming weeks. As we evaluate the recent ruling, we will consider whether the arbitrator was flawed in his decision, or if the process itself will produce a reasonable and predictable outcome in the future. I assure you that our committee has many strategies, alliances, and tactics that it may implement as we continue to plot our course moving forward in our efforts to gain a fair and reasonable collective agreement. In solidarity, February 18, 2023 Dear Member; On Feb 15th/2023 the Bargaining committees returned to the table.
Jan 27, 2023
Congratulations to our Brothers and Sisters at IBEW 258 (BC Hydro) who on Jan 24/2023, ratified a 3-year agreement (with 71% support of acceptance) after a year at the bargaining table. The deal will see substantive increases for the membership, who will not see an erosion of their pay and benefits over the life of the agreement because of the COLA protection language embedded in the MOU: Effective April 1, 2022: Increase all rates of pay by a flat rate of $0.25 per hour and then a 3.24% general wage increase. Effective April 1, 2023: Increase all rates of pay by the annualized average of BC CPI over twelve months starting on March 1, 2022 to a minimum of 5.5% and a maximum of 6.75%, subject to the COLA MOU. Effective April 1, 2024: Increase rates of pay by the annualized average of BC CPI o over twelve months starting on March 1, 2023 to a minimum of 2.0% and a maximum of 3.0%, subject to the COLA MOU. An adjustment to all premiums in the Collective agreement equivalent to COLA over the life of the agreement. The Agreement will give every member a $0.25/hr increase (this represents approximately .5-1%) and guarantees the minimum of 10.75% up to 13% (if inflation is higher than minimums) over 3 years, not to mention the many other improvements contained in the 98 page MOA. On wages alone (combined) this agreement represents GWI’s of approximately 11.25%-11.75% (minimum) with COLA assurance up to 14%. The Unifor (Manitoba Hydro) arbitration decision is expected to be delivered in the next week and we anticipate this will positively impact any future offer from Manitoba Hydro. The Negotiating committee currently have tentative bargaining dates of Feb 9th/2023 (still not Confirmed) and Feb 15th/2023 (Confirmed). Wishing everyone a safe and pleasant weekend!
Jan 25, 2023
Dear Sisters and Brothers; Please see the attached message (underlined) forwarded from Cameron Reynolds at our sister local 2085. Attention members and retirees of all IBEW Locals in Manitoba Local 2085 has started a motorcycle riders committee, and is looking for members that are passionate about motorcycles to join. The intent of this committee is to promote camaraderie, welfare, and brotherhood/sisterhood of all IBEW members in Manitoba, united by a passion for motorcycles. The goals for this committee are to attend charity group rides, and host monthly membership rides. Eventually we would like to host a show and shine, charity group ride of our own and other member events such as BBQs. To be eligible to join this committee, you must be a retiree or member in good standing with an IBEW local in Manitoba, and the licensed operator of a highway capable motorcycle. Any interested members can contact Cameron Reynolds at
Dec 30, 2022
Dear Member; Since March 15-16th /2022, when the bargaining committee initiated the original exchange of proposals, we have met for a total of 16 days of bargaining. As previously stated, bargaining has been extremely slow and frustrating with approximately 16 non-monetary items that have been signed off and agreed to in principle. On Dec 13th the Corporation came to the table and presented their best offer “at this time”. As you can see the brief summary of the attached offer “ MANITOBA HYDRO OFFER Dec 13th/2022 ", there doesn’t appear to be an appetite or the authority to address many of the significant and important items that have been identified to date:
Dec 28, 2022
Season’s Greetings:   Please find attached correspondence from IVP Russ Shewchuk pertaining to the 2022/2023 First District Scholarships and an application form (below).
Dec 23, 2022
Dear Member; Wishing you and your families a Safe and Happy Holiday Season. Please enjoy this precious time with those close to you for their love and support over this past year, as well as take the time to recharge as we prepare for the future challenges and victories that the year 2023 will have to offer! Please see the attached (below) Season's Greetings message from Our International Vice President. In solidarity,
Dec 19, 2022
Dear Member; Over the past several months the corporation has evolved the work environment to allow for Remote Work/Home Start opportunities. These Remote Work/Home Start opportunities fall into 2 categories: Office setting workers - Manitoba Hydro staff who perform some or all of their job duties in an office setting the opportunity to work remotely on a voluntary basis (P549 – Currently 3 days per pay period).  Field workers - The ability for staff to drive a vehicle home and back to work on the next business day for a purpose deemed to be Hydro business (including home starts).
Dec 06, 2022
Dear Member; In December 2021, IBEW conducted a negotiation survey prior to entering this round of bargaining which commenced March 2022. The survey helped to identify key issues to our membership and helped the committee research and formulate many of the items that are currently being discussed. This afternoon, you should have received a survey from SurveyMonkey, so please ensure you have received (check your junk folders). Today’s survey contains a lot more detail and specifics as they relate to each item and their importance to the membership. I urge you all to take the time to complete this survey and share your feedback. This survey will be viewed and carefully analyzed by our bargaining committee to help determine our future steps. Again, I urge you to please take the time to complete and encourage others to do the same. If you have not received an email regarding the survey, please contact Nichol at and provide her with First name, Last Name, personal email, phone number, and mailing address so we are able to update our files. In solidarity, December 6, 2022 Dear Member; In December 2021, IBEW conducted a negotiation survey prior to entering this round of bargaining which commenced March 2022.
Nov 30, 2022
Dear Member; At this month’s upcoming unit meeting, the IBEW 2034 executive have recommended that the newly proposed LOU #24/2019-22 - RE: OPERATOR DRIVER PROGRESSION will be posed to the membership for acceptance. Affected members are urged to indicate their support by attending a local unit meeting where they can vote on the LOU. Below, is a copy of the proposed LOU and Preamble on the intent. In solidarity, Business Manager IBEW Local Union 2034 Proposed LETTER OF UNDERSTANDING #24/2019-22 - RE: OPERATOR DRIVER PROGRESSION Preamble: The decision to review the OD progression at MH was based on the absence of a clearly defined career path for the Operator Driver classifications. The proposal was developed to allow for improved opportunity for progression which includes formalized training and on the job experience aimed at developing safe, competent operator drivers early in their career. This progression system will eliminate the equipment-based compensation system between the OD I and OD classifications, resulting in ODIs having a clear expectation of achieving the ODII classification within a defined timeframe of entering the program. Further, this system will assist those employees to progress in the operator driver classifications who have been in an ODI position for multiple years based on situations such as, the inability to bid or operate ODII equipment in their location, lack of bids, equipment type, family commitments, etc. As compensation will follow qualifications and all operator drivers will progress to the OD II level, dual rates in the ODII classification will not apply for those who secure an OD I/II base position. Individuals holding non-OD I/II base positions such as Labourers or Utility workers will continue to be eligible for dual rates when performing higher level OD I/II duties. LETTER OF UNDERSTANDING #24/2019-22 Between MANITOBA HYDRO and THE INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OF ELECTRICAL WORKERS RE: OPERATOR DRIVER PROGRESSION This letter will confirm the understanding reached between Manitoba Hydro and Local Union 2034, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers with respect to Operator Driver Technical Training Program and associated progression in Operator Driver positions. 1. As of the signing of this letter, Operator Driver positions will be posted as either an Operator Driver I/II, Operator Driver III, or Operator Driver Lead. 2. Applicants promoted to Operator Driver I/II positions from lower classifications will have their rate of pay established in accordance with the provisions of E4.13 of the collective agreement. Subject to supervisory recommendation, applicants will have their classification established based on their qualifications and experience as follows: Classification Related Experience Requirement O.D. Technical Training Program Completion Operator Driver I 6 months Level 1 Operator Driver II 12 months as a qualified Operator Driver I Level 2 3. As progression to the Operator Driver II level is automatic, the provisions of E3.2 pertaining to dual rates will not apply for employees performing Operator Driver II work who are progressing in an Operator I/II base position. 4. Employees holding Operator Driver base positions as of the signing date of this letter, will be required to complete the Operator Driver Technical Training levels as they become available. Such employees will have their current Operator Driver classification and progression protected within their current position so long as they register to actively pursue completion of the training program within 12 months of this letter being signed. 5. After signing this letter, the Corporation will conduct a review of employees who currently hold an Operator Driver I position. In cases where an Operator Driver I has completed the necessary requirements to be qualified as an Operator Driver II, the Corporation will rebuild the employee’s salary retroactive to the date they became qualified, so long as the date they became qualified does not precede the start of the current collective agreement (January 1, 2019). In cases where an employee met the requirements necessary to be deemed qualified as an Operator Driver II prior to the start of the current collective agreement, January 1, 2019, will be used as the date of reclassification. Agreed this ____ day of _________________, 2022. _________________________ _______________________ M. Levitt M. Espenell Manager Business Manager Labour Relations & HR Services Department Local Union 2034, I.B.E.W. INTENT: To have all Operator Driver’s complete the required training. However, for those employees who are going to be retiring in the near future, through discussions with management, may be placed at a lower priority or exempt from completing the training in an effort to have other Operator Drivers complete the training quicker. For a period of 24 months from the signing of this LOU, qualification on posted Operator Driver III and Operator Driver Lead position will identify qualifications that will include “must be willing to complete the O.D. training program”, after the 24-month period, only applicants who have the required training completed will be considered qualified.
Nov 29, 2022
Dear Member; IBEW 2034 members, Manitoba Hydro, and many others in Manitoba have suffered the effects of the Bill 28 mandate and the continued attacks on front line workers. These attacks have taken other forms like a mandatory voluntary departure program and hiring freezes which have left the corporation at critically low staffing levels and ill equipped to operate its core business. In 2020 Manitoba Hydro staff were forced to take a 1.25% reduction in pay (3 - unpaid days) despite being in a strong financial position and very profitable for that year. These are only but a hand full of the many attacks the government has dolled out to our hard working and dedicated front line workers. The attack on Manitoba Hydro workers has not gone unnoticed by many who rely on the essential service our members deliver with pride. IBEW 2034 members have been asked to participate in a survey on the impact of the austerity agenda implemented by the Government of Manitoba. This survey will be used as a resource to educate and share knowledge with Key decision makers. If you are able, Please take the time to Reach out to Jesse Hajer and complete the survey. All the details are below. Fraternally Business Manager IBEW Local Union 2034 Re: Online Survey regarding public service work under austerity government in Manitoba. Dear IBEW 2034 member, My name is Jesse Hajer, and I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics and Labour Studies Program at the University of Manitoba. I am currently leading a research study with Ian Hudson (Professor of Economics), and Jennifer Keith, (PhD student, Department of Indigenous Studies) on the impact of the austerity agenda implemented by the Government of Manitoba. The project is being done in partnership with a large number of public sector unions, professional associations, and community organizations and networks, as well as the over two dozen Manitoba academics on this project. We seek to document opinions, experiences, and perspectives on the impact of provincial government austerity on public services and programs and work conditions for public sector workers, including those delivering public services though non-profit organizations with government funding. By austerity, we mean expenditure and staffing cuts and restraints, as well as privatization and contracting out. We are conducting a survey of public service workers (including those working in the non-profit sector delivering public services with provincial government funding) to gather information for this project. The survey is an opportunity for your experiences, expertise and opinions to be part of the study. The survey will take about 20 minutes and will be confidential. Our research aims to be useful and of interest to public sector workers, and a resource to educate and share knowledge with decision makers and Manitobans more broadly. We plan to publish our work as a book and a series of one-page “Fast Facts” through the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives Manitoba website and other media. For more details on the project and who is involved, see: If you are available and interested in completing the survey, please email me at and a link to a survey will be provided. Participation is completely voluntary and we have taken steps to minimize any risks related to confidentiality concerns (see survey for details). If you have any questions about the research, I would be happy to answer them. Thank you for your time. Jesse Hajer Assistant Professor, Department of Economics and Labour Studies, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB R3T 5V5 Phone: 204.474.9057 Email:
Nov 11, 2022
Dear Member; Please see the attached (below) Remembrance Day message from Our International Vice President. In solidarity, Business Manager IBEW Local Union 2034 Dear Sisters and Brothers, Remembrance Day was first observed throughout the British Commonwealth in 1919. It was held to pay tribute to the end of the First World War through the signing of the Armistice Agreement on November 11, 1918, at 11 am. It is because of the brave men and women who have served our great nation that we enjoy the peace and freedoms we have today. This year, on Friday November 11 at 11 am, Canadians will again pause for two minutes of silence to remember all those who have fought and continue to fight for this country. Brothers and Sisters, we must all remember and involve ourselves on Remembrance Day so that the courage and selflessness of these women and men is not lost to future generations; we must never forget because through their sacrifices we have the right to participate and reap the benefits of our Union. There are many ways that you and your local union can participate in an Act of Remembrance: 1. Participate in local Remembrance Day ceremonies hosted by Royal Canadian Legion branches in communities and Cenotaphs across Canada. 2. Watch the National Remembrance Day Ceremony live on television. 3. Observe two minutes of silence at 11:00 am on November 11 to honour, remember and thank all who served and sacrificed. 4. Post about Remembrance Day activities on your website and social media. I encourage all IBEW Local Unions, union officers and members to take part in local events in your area to pay tribute to all of those who fought for the freedoms we enjoy today. In addition, IBEW Canada is also a proud partner of Helmets to Hardhats Canada, which provides career transition opportunities to Canadian Forces veterans looking to start a second career in the trades. Accordingly, I strongly encourage Local Unions to find ways to help our veterans make the transition into good IBEW jobs where their skills, dedication and drive can help make our union stronger. In solidarity, Russ Shewchuk, International Vice President, IBEW Canada IBEW - 1st District Office 300-1450 Meyerside Dr. Mississauga, ON L5T 2N5 ------------------------------------- Ph: 905-564-5441 Fax: 905-564-8114 Website:
Nov 05, 2022
Dear Member; Since March 15-16th /2022, when the bargaining committee initiated the original exchange of proposals, we have met for a total of 12 days of bargaining. As previously stated, bargaining has been extremely slow and frustrating with approximately 12 non-monetary items that have been signed off and agreed to in principal. When the Committees met Sept 6-7th, Hydro's bargaining committee indicated they would have authority to address some of the significant monetary items. In reality, this was far from accurate resulting in a very unproductive round of bargaining in the eyes of the IBEW 2034's bargaining team. At the conclusion of the bargaining session in September, our team was reassured that Hydro’s bargaining committee would be prepared for the Oct 24-25-26th dates and be able to bring a financial mandate. In the days preceding the most recent round of bargaining, the corporation contacted our committee stating that they had not received a mandate and could not confirm if the corporation had reached out to the Hydro-electric board or Broadway to authorize a mandate. It had been suggested that perhaps we should postpone bargaining until future dates, but our committee decided to utilize the dates to dive deeper into the issues of attraction and retention (particularly in the north and isolated locations) discussed the hardship of being transferred to isolated areas and forced rotations, the lack of market competitiveness in the electrical utility sector, as well as the hostile actions the employer has taken against the IBEW office staff as a result of pressing important member issues! When the committees departed on Oct 26th, it was expressed that we had no future interest in meeting unless the corporation was going come prepared with a mandate at future established dates of Dec 7-8th and Dec 12-13-14th . What has been extremely difficult to comprehend is: • How could Hydro’s bargaining committee not know if The Hydro-electric board or Broadway has been approached regarding approval of a mandate. • Our committee is aware that the Manitoba Hydro Electric Board met Tuesday, July 12/2002 @ 12:30 (meeting # 949) at 360 Portage. At this meeting, the committee received a report from Hydro’s CFO (Aurel Tess), received a report from President and CEO (Jay Grewal). The Committee also discussed CEO Jay Grewal) Year-end Compensation as well as Board Committee Compensation. We don’t know if IBEW 2034’s state of bargaining was discussed, but I would suggest that it would be reckless and irresponsible if the issue was not discussed in detail. • After almost 7.5 months of bargaining, is it respectful to the process to still not have a mandate? Over the next week, our committee will be sending out a comprehensive survey to our membership. In this survey, we will describe some of the pressing issues with detail and get feedback from our members on the importance of many of the key issues. In this survey, we also intend to canvas the membership to determine interest in a variety of different tactics that could be implemented if future labour action is required. When the survey gets sent out, I urge all members to take the time to fill in the survey and provide this very important feedback for the committee. I wish you and your families a warm and safe weekend. Please see the attached (below) IBEW CANADA’S STATEMENT ON ONTARIO BILL28 from Our International Vice President. In solidarity,
Oct 09, 2022
Dear Member; The last few months have been quite busy and I apologize if it has been a while since my last message. I’ll give you an update on some things we have been working on. We recently hosted a shop Stewart training session Sept 8-9 where we covered a variety of skill building and Training Topics. Jim Watson (BEW education department ) facilitated training on IBEW STRONG – Bias and Belonging, Success Signal’s, and "be more than a bystander". We also had an opportunity to cover off our grievance and arbitration processes in detail. Big thanks to all attendees for their active participation and enthusiasm. This past week, we also attended a Business Manager Training and refresher right here in Winnipeg. The Training session provided an opportunity to analyze collective bargaining processes and tactics from many IBEW locals across the country. The training was enlightening, but also reassuring that our bargaining committee is well prepared to achieve the best possible result. As far as our current round of bargaining is concerned, I have to share that progress has been slower than our committee would like. The process is still moving in a positive we continue to agree and sign off on items Our next bargaining dates are set for Oct 24-25-26th, and at that conclusion we will give a more detailed update and describe the current surrounding landscape. I wish you and your families a warm and safe Thanksgiving long weekend. Please see the attached (below) Thanksgiving message from Our International Vice President. Thanksgiving Message from IVP Shewchuk Greetings: Thanksgiving Day in Canada has been a holiday on the second Monday of October since 1957; and is a chance for people to give thanks for a good harvest and other fortunes in the past year. As union members, we give thanks to the builders of our Labour Movement; it’s because of them that today we reap the benefits of their hard work through our collective bargaining agreements and the legislation they fought so hard to put in place. Please have an enjoyable and safe Thanksgiving long weekend, as this weekend comes with fun family time and good food. It is important to take the time to be with your family and friends and to put aside the stresses of your everyday work life. This holiday Monday, October 10th, give thanks for the blessings in one's life and a Happy Thanksgiving to you all !!!! Russ Shewchuk International Vice President
Aug 14, 2022
Dear Member; Monday – August 15th will be day 60 of the Unifor 681 Strike and will mark the conclusion of their Strike. In the days to follow, Unifor will be filing their application to the labour board for alternate dispute resolution and a labour board imposed collective agreement. Unifor 681 will be picketing from 10:30 AM – 1:30 PM at all locations in the rural and Winnipeg. IBEW 2034 will be ordering pizza to be delivered to various strike locations, so please feel free to join Unifor 681 over the lunch period on their picket line for the last day of activity and celebration. The following locations will be picketing 10:30 AM – 1:30 PM • Winnipeg - Manitoba Hydro Place – 360 Portage Ava • Rural CSC Locations - Brandon, Steinbach, Selkirk, Portage, Morden, Neepawa, Russell, Dauphin, Killarney, Virden Congratulations to our brothers and sisters at Unifor Local 681 on their accomplishment! August 14, 2022 Dear Member; Monday – August 15th will be day  60 of the Unifor 681 Strike and will mark  the conclusion of their Strike.
Jul 22, 2022
Dear Member;   IBEW 2034 has been a long standing advocate for the Red Seal Certification for all trades at Manitoba Hydro.  Despite all the efforts from the corporation and bargaining unit to bring the Red Seal standard to Manitoba for the PLT trade, a change in government saw this item dropped from the list of priorities back in 2017.IBEW 2034 is excited to share that through our efforts working with our brothers and sisters at IBEW Local 2085, we now have an opportunity for Manitoba Hydro Power Line Technicians and Powerline journeyman to challenge the Red Seal Standard right here in Manitoba. The cost of the refresher 3- day course is $250 and the test will be administered right here in Manitoba. Please contact IBEW 2034 ( if you are interested in this opportunity to challenge and achieve red seal certification Note: All applicants will need to justify 10,800 hrs to challenge. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions
Jul 21, 2022
Dear Member; ALL MEMBERS OF UNIFOR 681 WILL BE ON STRIKE FRIDAY JULY 22nd, Unifor 681 will be picketing all rural gas area service centers as well as the following Winnipeg locations: 1. Notre Dame - 1315 Notre Dame Ave 2. Manitoba Hydro Waverley Service Centre - 1840 Chevrier Blvd 3. Manitoba Hydro Place – 360 Portage Ave This will mark Day 36 of Strike activity and 60% of the journey to achieve a fair collective agreement. I encourage you to show your support in any way possible to our brothers and sisters at Unifor In solidarity,
Jun 27, 2022
June 28, 2022 Dear Sisters and Brothers; The election results are in and I want to, first off, thank everyone who presented themselves as candidates for Office or the Executive Board. It takes courage and commitment to put forth your name as a candidate. That commitment to our Union and to the welfare of your brothers and sisters is what sustains our ability to move forward through difficult times. Whether you were elected or not, I want you to know that your devotion is extremely important and needed now more than ever. If you were selected to serve in some capacity, I urge you to always remember the trust that’s been placed in you as you discharge your duties. If you were unsuccessful in your bid, you still have an ongoing role as an advisor to, and a monitor of, our Local’s efforts. That important contribution will continue to benefit our brothers and sisters going forward. Taking office at the next Executive Board meeting, (either by acclamation or election) the Board will consist of: • Ryan Stewart – President (elected) • Alex Apostle – Vice-President • Kristi Arbuckle – Recording Secretary (elected) • Allan Hyndman – Treasurer • Danny Fletcher – Central Area Rep. • Dennis Malowski – Southwest Area Rep. • Guy Cyr – Eastern Area Rep. • Corey Lobert – Northwest Area Rep. • Logan Senchuk – West Central Area Rep. • Andrew Halliday – Northeast Area Rep. (elected) • Stephen Joss – Interlake Area Rep. Your Business Manager will be: • Mike Espenell (elected) Once again, congratulations and the Local's thanks to all candidates who put themselves out there. I wish all of you, as well as the rest of the membership, a great week, including whatever festivities you have planned for July 1st! In solidarity, Business Manager IBEW Local Union 2034
Jun 23, 2022
June 23, 2022 Dear Member; Unifor 681 will be having another strike action rally today June 23rd with the NDP leaders of Manitoba and Unifor National Representatives for ALL WINNIPEG MEMBERS ONLY at the Manitoba Hydro Place located at 360 Portage Ave. All Winnipeg Unifor 681 members will assemble at the Manitoba Hydro Place for 10 AM. They will be picketing from 10 AM-2 PM. The press conference will start at 11 AM in the back of 360 Portage. The guest speakers are as follows: 1. Adrien Sala – MC Speaker 2. Wab Kinew – NDP Leader 3. Scott Doherty – Executive Assistant to the Unifor National President - responsible for energy workers 4. Gavin McGarrigle – Unifor Western Regional Director It is important that we support our sisters and brothers at Unifor for their big day. Feel free to show up or drive by and honk your horn if you are able. In solidarity, Business Manager IBEW Local Union 2034
Jun 16, 2022
Dear Member; Unifor 681 met with Manitoba Hydro yesterday at which time Hydro indicated that it would not be able to meet the Wednesday deadline to come back with an offer. In response, Unifor Local 681 will be going on strike starting Friday June 17 beginning at 6:30 AM. Unifor gave notice to the Corporation yesterday that it will be conducting a rotating strike that is similar to the one IBEW modeled last spring.
May 31, 2022
Dear Member; Please see attached, the IBEW report - Canada’s 2022 Review of the Federal Budget - tabled last month by the federal Finance Minister, Chrystia Freeland. There are some major victories and some good news in this budget for the IBEW, so please take the time to review the comprehensive document. In solidarity,
May 25, 2022
Dear Member; On Saturday, May 28th & May 29th at 7:00 PM, all IBEW 2034 members and their families are invited to attend a free-to-the-public screening of the movie-musical, Stand! at the Burton Cummings Theatre. There will be a Q & A after the performance for those interested. As you know, the musical Strike! (which was adapted in the movie Stand! ) was inspired by the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike. A key labour meeting that led up to the strike took place at the "Burt", (then called the "Walker" Theatre), on Dec. 22nd, 1918. The fact that a movie inspired by that affair is now playing at the very same theatre is a significant labour occurrence. The event is free, rush seating and all 2034 members and families are invited. Doors open at 6:00 PM and the screening starts at 7:00 PM. The theme of the evening will be "Dress Like It's 1919, so please take this opportunity, if you are able, to view this free screening with friends or family. In solidarity,
May 17, 2022
Dear Member; SUMMER EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY Position Title: Student Intern IBEW Local 2034 is seeking candidates interested in joining our team in a Summer Intern position that offers great opportunities for both personal and professional growth.
May 16, 2022
Dear Member; IBEW Local 2034 is seeking candidates interested in joining our dynamic leadership team in a challenging position that offers great opportunities for both personal and professional growth. DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: Friday June 3rd 2022 @ 4:30 pm. (Please see attached below for full details)
May 10, 2022
Based on the strong feedback from our membership, the IBEW Executive met on March 11th to refine and finalize our list of proposals for this round of bargaining. Our Negotiating Committee met with Manitoba Hydro’s Bargaining Committee on March 15-16 to discuss ground rules and to exchange proposals. We met again on March 24th to review and clarify questions and to get a better understanding of perspectives and positions. At our most recent meeting of April 26th, the parties met with the intention of only working on non-monetary items and language improvements. We have the future dates of June 1 & 2 where we expect to start signing off proposals and moving forward on several items.
May 02, 2022
Dear Member; Just a quick reminder that the draw date for the District 1 Cash Draw for 2022 is fast approaching. If you haven't bought your tickets yet, you only have a few days left! Attached is a copy of the 1st District's letter with the details of the draw.
Apr 28, 2022
Dear Member; On April 28th we remember the workers who have lost their lives as a result of injuries or illness in the workplace. Please take a moment to pause and reflect on the sacrifices that these workers have made, and which have paved the way for safer work environments for all of us. Thank you for maintaining safe work environments for all, not only during this pandemic, but in our everyday ongoing work life.
Apr 21, 2022
Preface The last year (2021-2022) proved to be a very challenging, and at the same, a very satisfying year. The challenges have been many. One has only to look at COVID-19, Collective Bargaining, and the Strike to get an idea of some of the difficulties that have faced our membership over the past year. As a result, you may wonder why I consider this to also be a source of satisfaction. And simply put, it’s because of the successes that the members have achieved, despite the many trials and tribulations they have had to endure along the way.
Apr 17, 2022
Dear Member; On behalf of the IBEW 2034 Staff and Executive, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter Weekend. A special thanks goes out to all our dedicated staff who responded to the recent widespread spring storm. At the same time,we cannot forget all the staff who work shifts and weekends, and who also sacrifice spending time with their families and friends, simply in order to sustain our operations.
Apr 12, 2022
Dear Member; Due to some recent re-occurring questions regarding "Wellness Days", I felt it was important to clarify the application of "Wellness Days". The current language was introduced last round of negotiations and allows staff to access 2 days every fiscal year ending in March. Staff have access to 2 days again this fiscal year and every fiscal year going forward.
Apr 06, 2022
Dear Member Every day we see great examples of selflessness towards others who aren’t as lucky as we are. Yesterday was no exception as we learned of the courage and caring shown by one of our own members, Pedro Bedard (OD III) from Dorsey Station. Pedro has left the relative comfort of Manitoba and taken a 5 to 8 week Leave of Absence from his position at Manitoba Hydro, in order to go over to Ukraine to work as a combat medic. While there, Pedro will join forces with 3 other selfless individuals, one of whom is a medical Doctor. The group is on its way and scheduled to arrive today (Wednesday) in Warsaw Poland around noon.
Mar 14, 2022
Dear Member; I want to thank the entire membership for the valuable feedback and perspectives that were shared from the negotiations survey that went out at the end of 2021. This feedback combined with research and consultation with other IBEW locals and many MFL affiliates, was used to develop a strong list of bargaining proposals. The IBEW executive met on March 11th to refine and finalize the list of proposals. The negotiating committee will meet with Manitoba Hydro’s bargaining committee to commence the exchange of proposals on March 15-16, and 24th. With the recent lifted restrictions the exchange of proposals, and bargaining, will be done in person. Some of the most important items as identified from the Survey included:
Mar 11, 2022
Dear Member; Just a quick reminder that the deadline for Local 2034 Scholarship Applications is the end of the day March 25, 2022. It's still not too late to apply, but you have to hurry. We encourage members to take advantage of this opportunity. In case you've forgotten the requirements, they are included below.
Mar 03, 2022
Dear Member; Watching the unfolding situation in Ukraine has been very unsettling during the last few weeks. It’s an appalling, unnecessary conflict, causing unimaginable pain and suffering. What has been heartwarming and inspiring though, has been observing the level of support for Ukraine, both locally and around the world. The courage and determination of the Ukrainian people is and will continue to be vital to achieving victory. This is true, despite the knowledge that there has been so much death and destruction already, and that there will likely be more as the situation continues to unfold.
Feb 25, 2022
25 February, 2022 Dear Sisters and Brothers; This will serve as a reminder of the individual scholarships sponsored by Local 2034 and available to our members. These should not be confused with the scholarships available through the 1st District of the IBEW. Members have the opportunity to receive a scholarship from two sources - the First District Office and the IBEW Local 2034. Please see the information below and consider applying. In solidarity,
Feb 24, 2022
Dear Member; Based on feedback from members who would like more control over their vacation banking, effective immediately, Manitoba Hydro has agreed to develop a new process that would allow employees who wish to control their Banked Vacation Credits. Each year, starting on January 1 and for a three-month window, the Vacation Banking application will allow employees to direct vacation credits to their bank. The Vacation Banking application replaces the old eForm process that was eliminated in 2018.
Feb 24, 2022
Dear Member; Based on feedback from members who would like more control over their vacation banking, effective immediately, Manitoba Hydro has agreed to develop a new process that would allow employees who wish to control their Banked Vacation Credits. Each year, starting on January 1 and for a three-month window, the Vacation Banking application will allow employees to direct vacation credits to their bank. The Vacation Banking application replaces the old eForm process that was eliminated in 2018. Located in myHR > Benefits & Payment > Vacation Banking, the new application will allow you to voluntarily bank vacation, as well as to show you your vacation quotas at a glance, including what will happen at the end of the vacation year.
Feb 20, 2022
Dear Member; I am pleased to report that the 1st District office has announced the names of the Scholarship Awards. I am even more pleased to announce that one of our very own applicants (Rachel Guliov) was one of the successful entries in this competition. The complete list of winners is listed below: 20 February, 2022 Dear Member; I am pleased to report that the 1st District office has announced the names of the Scholarship Awards.
Feb 04, 2022
Dear Member; Brother Kevin Rebeck today reported on a very important initiative undertaken by Elmwood-Transcona MP Daniel Blaikie. Some of you may remember that brother Blaikie was a member of the IBEW before beginning his political career. I'm pleased to say that in his role as a federal politician, brother Blaikie is still fighting for labour's concerns. Please see the text of brother Rebeck's letter below. In solidarity, 4 February, 2022 Dear Member; Brother Kevin Rebeck today reported on a very important initiative undertaken by Elmwood-Transcona MP Daniel Blaikie.
Feb 02, 2022
Dear Member; Privacy of Employees who are Rapid Testing When Manitoba Hydro introduced their Safe4work application On December 1, 2021, as part of their vaccination policy (P613), we heard from several members concerning their privacy. Later in December we became aware that Manitoba Hydro had created a report titled RAPID SCREENING REPORT - NOT CLEARED FOR WORK.
Feb 01, 2022
Dear Member; The IBEW District 1 Representatives are once again holding a cash draw of $20,000 first prize, and $5,000 each for 2nd and 3rd place. Tickets are now on sale, and the entire details are available in the attached letter. The draw will take place as soon as all 500 tickets are sold, or at the All Canada Progress Meeting on May 31, 2002. Make sure to get your tickets before they're all gone! In solidarity,
Jan 28, 2022
Dear Member; Just a quick reminder to members who are considering applying for one of the scholarships being offered by the First District, the deadline for such applications is February 11th, 2022. Please see the attached letter from our Vice-President, Tom Reid, as well as the Application Form contained in this letter. Best of luck to our applicants! In solidarity,
Jan 26, 2022
Dear Member; The 40th International Convention of the IBEW takes place in May of this year in Chicago,Illinois. Similar to the last Convention, the International is interested in having a Canadian member sing our national anthem. To get the complete details as outlined by Brother Tom Reid, our International Vice-President, please click on the link below.
Jan 14, 2022
Dear Member; As many of you working on the front-line know, there has been significant risk of exposure to COVID-19 and all of the variants. While contacting the virus poses immediate risk and discomfort for our members and their families, the lingering and long-term effects are yet to be determined. In 2021, IBEW was made aware of 84 IBEW member cases of Covid -19. Since Jan 1/ 2022 Covid-19 cases have increased enormously with 121 IBEW member cases in just the first 13 days of this year.
Dec 31, 2021
Dear Member; 2021 will truly be a year for us all to remember! My wish for you is that 2022 will be equally memorable for all of you, but for the right reasons. This past year, the membership has grown stronger through its perseverance. COVID-19 demanded a lot from everyone, and you came through with style. In 2022 we know that greener pastures lie ahead, and I look forward to better times for all of us. I am truly thankful for everyone’s efforts during this past year, and a special big thank-you goes out to all the families who helped and supported our members during those trying times. Whatever challenges lie ahead, I know that your commitment and professionalism will be there when it’s needed.
Dec 24, 2021
Dear Member; 2021 is drawing to a close and many will remember it as a time of adversity and disappointment. But with the end of the year fast approaching we should not lose sight of the gains we have made during this year. Through the hard work and determination of our members, we achieved an improved collective agreement. Through the grievance process we were able to advance many members' concerns and to gain concessions from our employer. But perhaps most significant of all, we were able to protect each other from the COVID-19 virus through the most trying of times.
Dec 23, 2021
Dear Member; The IBEW District 1 is once again offering members a scholarship opportunity. Please see the letter from Vice-President Tom Reid inviting applicants, and the corresponding application form. Local 2034 encourages any member who is eligible for this scholarship and who could benefit from this support to apply. Please remember the February 11th deadline.
Dec 17, 2021
Dear Member; We’ve received a few inquiries from members about the IBEW/Unifor Town Hall meeting that was held concerning Manitoba Hydro policy P613 (COVID-19), held on December 9th, 2021. Some members were unable to take part in the Town Hall, while others simply want the opportunity to revisit the information that was shared at that time. To facilitate this, we are happy to provide the following link to a video copy of the event as it took place.
Dec 13, 2021
Dear Member; This is a reminder to check the Member Links & Discounts area of the IBEW 2034 website for the latest deals being offered to our members. The Union does not endorse the concept of sending unwanted emails to members, and as a result will not forward new offerings to members every time they come up. Rather, it will continue to advertise them in this section of the website and members can choose whether they wish to peruse the latest offerings, or to take advantage of them. Hopefully in this way the members will have the opportunity to avail themselves of the deals if they wish while no one will be subjected to unwanted advertising through our email capacity.
Dec 08, 2021
Dear Member; As a result of the many questions and concerns raised by staff regarding the Manitoba Hydro policy P613 (on Covid 19), IBEW and UNIFOR have reached out to several organizations and have also sought out a legal opinion. Through our many discussions, Manitoba Hydro has amended and added flexibility to their policy. It has as agreed to address these questions/concerns by arranging the following:
Dec 04, 2021
Dear Member; Re: Fitness Subsidy You may remember that the fitness Subsidy maximum was temporarily increased to $350 for the 2021 calendar year. Effective January 1, 2022 the maximum will revert back to $250.
Nov 28, 2021
Dear Member; Let me start by apologizing for any delays, or for any seeming lack of response to some of the concerns expressed by members. This delayed response doesn’t reflect the substantial effort that our executive, legal, and office staff have been putting into addressing the many issues raised. As a consequence of their effort, the Corporation has agreed to considering the points made by the IBEW to Management. In an effort to address the concerns raised, the Corporation will be taking the following immediate actions:
Nov 26, 2021
Please read before filling in the 2022 Negotiation Survey Dear Valued Member, Our present Labor Board imposed contract with Manitoba Hydro will expire on February 4, 2022. The feedback we receive from a survey of the membership is vital to achieve an honest and accurate reflection of each member’s priorities and expectations for our next round of negotiations. As you are well aware, achieving positive results at negotiations is a function of preparing well supported proposals and arguments. These results are also very dependent on an active and involved membership entrenched in solidarity.
Nov 14, 2021
Dear Member; As you know, Manitoba Hydro has come out with a COVID-19 Vaccination Policy (P613) on the 8th of November. In short, that policy deals with an attempt by the Corporation to provide a safe workplace for its employees and tries to avoid engaging in a moral or scientific debate on either side of the vaccination issue. Needless to say, this policy has raised significant questions which members have brought to the attention of the Union.
Nov 11, 2021
Dear Member; Below you will find a Remembrance Day message from International Vice-President Tom Reid. As IVP Reid suggests, I too encourage everyone to pay tribute in their own way to those who fought so valiantly for the rights and freedoms we enjoy today. Let us be encouraged by the selflessness of those fallen men and women and commit to working as unionists for the welfare of others as well as ourselves.
Oct 07, 2021
Dear Member; Earlier this afternoon Manitoba Hydro announced a vaccine policy that will come into effect November 30th, 2021. The Corporation made the IBEW aware of this policy at a meeting on October 4th. Since that time, we have met with the Corporation. At our meeting we raised concerns and advised that we were relieved of Hydro’s decision to adopt a “vaccination or test” policy that stopped short of mandatory vaccinations seen in many other workplaces.
Sep 30, 2021
NATIONAL TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION DAY Dear Member; Below, please find a message from Vice-President Tom Reid on this important day; In solidarity,
Sep 06, 2021
Dear Member; This past year has been a trying one that has tested our collective fortitude. We have had to struggle with Covid-19 and all of the curve balls it has sent our way, while also dealing with a government that has been anything but friendly. The prognosis going forward looks good on both fronts! Your courage has allowed us to achieve results far in excess of the government mandate. Your steadfast solidarity has inspired many supporters and allies to challenge and to receive positive results. Our collective pressure has played no small part in the stepping down of our current premier, and has also been a significant pivot away from the draconian bills his government intended to institute.
Aug 04, 2021
Dear Member; We just received confirmation of the Labour Board ruling on our Collective Agreement! We are pleased with the positive ruling as it represents a significant improvement from the Corporation’s final offer. Most notably, it also includes a stipend to recognise your front-line contributions to the public! The Manitoba Labour Board has ruled on 2 of the outstanding items of our Collective Agreement. It establishes the General Wage Increase and the COVID stipend for the agreement between the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 2034 and Manitoba Hydro between January 1, 2019 and February 4, 2022.
Jul 09, 2021
Dear Member; Wednesday July 7th marked the first day of our long awaited and anticipated Labour Board hearing. The panel consisted of Colin S. Robinson (Chairperson), Darcy Strutinsky (Employer Representative), and Glenn Tomchak (Employee Representative). The Hearing concluded with closing arguments yesterday July 8th. Our legal team was very well prepared and presented a compelling case for our arguments. A big thanks goes out to all the office staff, the Executive Board members, and our front-line members who were able to provide critical information to aide in the preparation and formulation of our arguments.
Jul 01, 2021
Dear Member; I hope everyone has a great Canada Day and that you’re able to safely enjoy some of the enhanced freedoms that the loosening of pandemic restrictions has provided. Having said that, please stay safe and follow all suggested health guidelines.
Jun 10, 2021
Dear Member; This will serve as a reminder of the individual scholarships sponsored by Local 2034 and available to our members. These should not be confused with the scholarships available through the 1st District of the IBEW. Members have the opportunity to receive a scholarship from two sources - the First District Office and the IBEW Local 2034. Please see the information below and consider applying.
Jun 07, 2021
Dear Member; It has been a while since my last update, but that’s not to say we haven’t been working diligently on furthering our objectives at the Labour Board. After 60 days of strike activity, we made application to the Board to have our Collective Agreement arbitrated. The Board approved our request and has set July 7th and 8th as the hearing dates.
May 27, 2021
The IBEW Local 2034 recognizes that post-secondary education and training provides positive career opportunities for recipients. To assist in bringing such opportunities to its members and their families, the membership has approved twenty (20) scholarships of $1,000.00 each for the pursuit of post-secondary education, technical and/or vocational training by members of IBEW 2034 or their families (spouse or dependants).
May 15, 2021
Dear Member; Over the past 14 months we have gone through an unexpectedly challenging time. Covid-19 presented us with challenges we never expected. Some of these were at home, and some of these were in the workplace. Through it all we struggled to find solutions that would make handling the challenges thrown at us by the pandemic easier. As you can imagine, many creative solutions were generated by members to offset specific hardships. Some were effective while others met with limited success.
May 13, 2021
Dear Member; We did it!!! The strike is officially over! Today we received word from the Manitoba Labour Board that it has issued an order stipulating that it will hear our case for a new contract. It has tentatively set hearing dates for Wednesday, July 7, 2021 to continue, if necessary, on Thursday, July 8, 2021 by way of videoconference at 9:30 a.m. 13 May, 2021 Dear Member; We did it.
May 11, 2021
Dear Member; Monday morning we submitted our bargaining submission to the Manitoba Labour Board for alternate dispute resolution. I can confirm that Manitoba Hydro promptly replied late yesterday to the Board stating that it acknowledges that IBEW has been in ongoing strike activity that commenced March 9/2021, and that it is not in opposition to the application. We anticipate a reply from the Labour Board within the next few days
May 07, 2021
Dear Member; Even after 60 days of strike activity, support for Local 2034 is still coming in from other allies across the labour movement. Our thanks goes out to our supporters for their strong encouragement and defense of our cause. Recently, Local 2085 assisted us by contributing to our strike campaign. The following is an excerpt from Business Manager, Russ Shewchuk's letter circulated to other proponents of the labour movement:
May 07, 2021
Dear Member; Today marks Day 60 of our strike action against Manitoba Hydro. This day is significant because we are now able, under the Manitoba Labour Relations Act, to make application to the Labour Board and ask that it settle our Collective Agreement.
Mar 14, 2021
Dear Member; After repeated refusals by Hydro to return to the table with a better offer, and after its recurrent denial to negotiate an Essential Services Agreement that would guarantee binding arbitration if negotiations could not be concluded within 10 days, the Union examined what course of action might still result in bargaining progress. The Bargaining Committee deliberated on what, if any, options were open to it. The result was a decision to request that Hydro deliver its Final Offer to the Bargaining Committee in order that it might present it to the membership for a vote.
Mar 12, 2021
Dear Member; We need YOU!! Sunday March 14th, at 12:00PM (show up at 11:30 and expect it to last till 12:30). There will be a Hydro press conference with the NDP at the Manitoba Hydro Building, at the blue sign on Graham and Edmonton. This announcement will be about the NDP’s plans to delay Bill 35 - a government bill that opens the door to the privatization of Manitoba Hydro and makes it’s easier for the Pallister government to raise Hydro rates. The NDP will delay Bill 35 so that it is not guaranteed to pass by this June. Instead, we’ll give Manitobans and IBEW members more time to learn about the damaging effects of the bill. 12 March, 2021 Dear Member; We need YOU.
Mar 12, 2021
Dear Member; One of the tools at our disposal for labour action is "Working to Rule". In the event that the Union directs its members to employ this tactic, I felt it would be useful to remind all IBEW 2034 members what "working to rule" entails. The following should help clarify the meaning of working to rule.
Mar 11, 2021
Dear Member; The following information is designed to clarify picket line action and behaviour for members. PICKET LINE PROTOCOL The purpose of any picket line is to put maximum pressure on our employer and to minimize the impact on our members. The IBEW bargaining committee has decided to have rotational strikes on specific, targeted areas. We are only required to give the employer two hours notice to initiate this action. We understand this may be an inconvenience to you, but this is an even bigger inconvenience to Manitoba Hydro.
Mar 10, 2021
Dear Member; Today IBEW 2034 issued a Press Release outlining our negotiations with Manitoba Hydro over the past 2 years. A copy of that release is included here for your information: MANITOBA HYDRO and IBEW CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS Proposals and Counter-proposals
Mar 10, 2021
Dear Member; All available IBEW members are asked to make their presence known at the Manitoba Legislative Building today at noon for a Honk-a-Thon in support of IBEW 2034's ongoing labour struggles with Manitoba Hydro. If you can at all attend, join your brothers and sisters in making government politicians hear our concern and understand our resolve.
Mar 09, 2021
Dear Member; As you are aware IBEW 2034 has begun strike action against Manitoba Hydro starting with a work stoppage at Customer Service Operations, Winnipeg locations which started at 4:30 p.m. today. This action was deemed necessary because of Hydro’s refusal to negotiate reasonable proposals made by the Union. The major proposals that the IBEW 2034 is seeking are: • a general wage increase reflecting what other employees at Manitoba Hydro received for 2019 and 2020. • a COVID stipend for all our front-line members who have consistently put themselves and their families at risk by being continually being exposed to the pubic.This would be similar to what professors at the University of Manitoba and others received. • a return of the 3 days unpaid leave forced upon members earlier this year.The cost of returning those days to the members would be approximately $2 million.This would reduce Hydro’s profit for the 3rd quarter to $109 million from $111 million, still $66 million above its projected profit of $43 million. IBEW 2034 is willing to submit the determination of a final agreement to binding arbitration. Unfortunately, Manitoba Hydro has adamantly refused to consider such a solution to the impasse.
Mar 09, 2021
Dear Member; Since giving Manitoba Hydro 48-hours’ notice of IBEW 2034’s intention to engage in strike action, we have received clear support from our fellow unions. Other unions and associations at Manitoba Hydro have informed their members that the Labour Relations Act protects them from being forced to perform or be disciplined for refusing to do IBEW’s work. Their only responsibility towards Manitoba Hydro is to continue doing their own work as normal.
Mar 08, 2021
Dear Member; Serving Manitoba Hydro with a strike notice has resulted in dialogue between Manitoba Hydro and the provincial government. As a result, Hydro has reached out to IBEW through the mediator and asked that we return to the table tomorrow at noon.
Mar 08, 2021
Dear Member; As you all know, we are currently preoccupied with the profoundly serious issues that have frustrated our collective bargaining efforts to date. However, I wanted to take time out today to join International Vice-President, Tom Reid, and Manitoba Federation of Labour President, Kevin Rebeck, in recognizing today (March 8th) as International Women’s Day. This year’s theme is Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world.
Mar 08, 2021
Dear Member; Hopefully this will help clarify what the Notification to Hydro implies for IBEW 2034 members. For starters, the “notification” simply alerts Hydro that IBEW will be instituting strike action at some time in the future. There is to be no strike action taken at this time. The Manitoba Labour Relations Act considers strike action as any of the following: (a) a cessation of work, (b) a refusal to work, (c) a refusal to continue to work, (d) a refusal to continue the standard cycle or normal pattern of operation in a place of employment, (e) a slow down of work, or (f) an activity in relation to one’s work that is designed to restrict or limit output. At this point in time, members are expected to report to work as usual, and to refrain from any of these activities until and unless expressly directed by the Union. In the meantime, you are expected to follow the Collective Agreement religiously. Make sure that you are at work on time, that you take your breaks at the appropriate time, and that they last no longer than authorized under the agreement. In short, make sure that you fulfill all of your responsibilities as laid out in your current contract. The IBEW will direct you when the time for engaging in strike action has arrived.
Mar 07, 2021
Dear Member; This is to inform you that we have, at this hour, served Manitoba Hydro with the following notice: “This shall serve as the official required 48-hour notification of IBEW 2034’s intent to engage its members employed at Manitoba Hydro in strike action. In keeping with previous practice, IBEW is willing to provide a minimum of two hours’ notice for site specific strike action, and to perform any duties necessary for safe operations during said two-hour period.” This notice to the Corporation does not take our members out. It does, however, indicate to the Corporation that we have now fulfilled the legal requirements needed to call a strike. Further, it warns Manitoba Hydro that, should strike action become necessary, it will only receive two-hours’ notice before labour action begins. Hydro is now aware that it will have just a very short window in which to prepare for the impact that any strike action might generate. Should there be further developments, you will be advised as soon as they occur. In solidarity,
Mar 05, 2021
Dear Member; This is to update you on the progress of negotiations with Manitoba Hydro that took place on March 3rd and 4th, 2021. Your Bargaining Committee returned to the table with the hopes that the Corporation would be open to various suggestions. Unfortunately, very little progress was made. One consideration that we were seeking dealt with the recovery of COVID-19 days. We felt we were making progress in this area until the Corporation insisted that it would accept our proposal, only if we agreed to reducing the request in one of our different proposals.
Mar 02, 2021

2 March, 2021

Dear Sisters and Brothers;

This is to advise you that the IBEW 2034 Strike Mandate vote closed at 10:00 a.m. this morning.  Voter participation was extremely high and the Union has received an affirmative “Strike Mandate” from the membership. 

IBEW 2034 will proceed accordingly and use this vote of support to encourage Manitoba Hydro to start meaningful bargaining for our new Collective Agreement.  Members need to be assured that the Union will exhaust every possible means of attaining a fair agreement and will do its utmost to avoid invoking a strike. 

Thank you all for giving us your strong support in seeking a better contract.

In solidarity,

Business Manager
IBEW Local Union 2034

Mar 01, 2021
Dear Sisters and Brothers; This will serve as a reminder of the individual scholarships sponsored by Local 2034 and available to our members. These should not be confused with the scholarships available through the 1st District of the IBEW. Members have the opportunity to receive a scholarship from two sources - the First District Office and the IBEW Local 2034. Please see the information below and consider applying. In solidarity,
Mar 01, 2021
2021 IBEW First District Cash Draw It’s back and better than ever! The IBEW First District International Representatives are holding our annual draw but we decided to change things up this year, making the top prize $20,000.00 cash and two (2) cash prizes of $5,000.00. This was based on feedback we have received from members on changing up the Grand Prize.
Feb 25, 2021
Dear Sisters and Brothers; The official BALLOT for the IBEW 2034 “Strike Mandate” vote will be sent out to members this afternoon. Please note this is the OFFICIAL Ballot and the one that has to be used to register your Vote. Although many of you have replied to our earlier mail-outs expressing your opinion on the question of granting the union a “strike mandate”, those earlier responses cannot be used for the purpose of this vote. Please make sure that you use the Official Ballot to have your vote counted. Please Vote when you receive your ballot. Votes cannot be accepted after 10 a.m. on March 2nd, 2021.
Feb 24, 2021
Dear Sisters and Brothers, As per our communication of February 22, 2021, you are aware that IBEW 2034 is asking its members for a Strike Mandate. Despite the Negotiation Teams best efforts over the past two years, it has been unable to achieve many of the gains requested by our membership. Since the start of negotiations, we have considered the mandate proposed by the government, and have crafted many proposals that do not violate the mandate, while offering improvements to our membership. No group at Hydro has made the sacrifices that IBEW members have been required to make. No group has been more committed to the safe and reliable delivery of our essential service.
Feb 22, 2021
Dear Sisters and Brothers; As reported to you at the end of January, IBEW 2034 and Manitoba Hydro agreed to utilize a mediator for negotiations on Feb 9th, 10th, and 12th. It further agreed to continue mediation on March 3rd and 4th if negotiations had not been concluded by that time. Despite the best efforts of mediator Dennis Harrison, and the willingness of IBEW 2034 to reach compromises in bargaining positions that could benefit the members’ interests, while at the same time serve the employer well, I unfortunately must report that we have not made any significant progress to date.
Jan 29, 2021
Dear Sisters and Brothers; IBEW 2034 and Manitoba Hydro have been engaged in what can only be described as slow and arduous negotiations. The parties have recently agreed to utilize a conciliator for negotiations going forward on the following dates: Feb 9. 10, 12 & March 3-4 (or 9-10 if necessary). Dennis Harrison will be acting as conciliator and has served as both a mediator and a conciliator during his career. He was brought in as a conciliator when talks broke between UMFA and the U of M in the fall of 2016 and helped the parties reach an agreement. He was also brought in to help MGEU and MPI reach an agreement in 2012. We are hopeful that Dennis’s strong knowledge of Manitoba Hydro and his history of bringing parties together will help us reach a satisfactory agreement.
Jan 26, 2021
Dec 29, 2020
Dear Sisters and Brothers; Lately we’ve heard from members who have expressed concern over some recent appointments that have been made by the Corporation. Individuals have indicated outrage over Regular Status employees being placed in vacant positions, without posting the required Employment Circular and entertaining bids from eligible members. (Article E1.1 of the Collective Agreement.) Circumventing the Agreement is a direct attack on members’ seniority rights. And as you know, the IBEW holds “seniority” as one of its most fundamental principles. Manitoba Hydro is proposing that a number of vacant Staff Status positions be filled directly from the pool of Regular Status employees. If this is unchallenged, it opens the door to denying currently eligible Staff Status members the ability to bid on desirable positions, thereby shutting them out of earned opportunities. The Corporation’s motivation for this approach is the reduction of relocation costs and the avoidance of a domino effect that an open bidding process might unleash.
Dec 23, 2020
Dear Sisters and Brothers; As we approach the holiday season and the impending New Year, it would be easy to focus our thoughts on the hard year that has plagued us all in 2020. There is no doubt that our members have suffered as a result of the COVID pandemic. Many sacrifices have had to been made and, for the most part, those costs have been accepted by you, our brothers and sisters. Your professionalism in the face of all the hardships you’ve had to endure this year is noteworthy and should be a point of pride for all of you.
Dec 06, 2020
We are pleased to announce the winners of the second $5,000 draw and the final Grand Prize draw; both tickets were drawn live on the IBEW Canada Facebook page at the IBEW, First District Office on Thursday, October 29, 2020 in Mississauga, ON. The winners are as follows:
Dec 04, 2020
As you are no doubt aware, the current round of negotiations with Manitoba Hydro have proven to be some of the most difficult in our history. The last 2 years have been nearly impossible with the Bill-28 mandate. Our Partnership to defend Public Services (PDPS) lawsuit was victorious, but the gov’t still insists on interfering with our bargaining and have newly modified its position. The recent change in government mandate essentially means taking a step back in our current bargaining process and prioritizing how to proceed with this new mandate. Effectively, negotiations have been reset and will now start over!
Dec 03, 2020
We will be resuming our Unit meetings this month utilizing Teams/Zoom/Skype compliant with provincial regulations allowing us to review minutes from October/November. The Unit Chairs/Recorders will send out invitations, so if you would like to attend and have not received one, please contact them so that you can be placed on their invitation list. Each unit meeting will be conducting a Christmas draw for 3-$20 gift cards per unit.
Nov 11, 2020
As you enjoy the break afforded to you by Remembrance Day, take a moment to appreciate all those who have done so much for all of us.
Oct 28, 2020
Dear Sisters and Brothers; We’ve now had a few days to digest and consider the implications that the changed government mandate has on our contract negotiations. At the same time, we’ve heard the concerns and frustrations that many of you have been experiencing throughout the negotiations process. What is now clear to the IBEW is that the government is seeking to reset the clock on negotiations by issuing a completely different mandate. What is equally obvious is that the union has to return to square one of the bargaining process and decide how it will proceed with this new mandate.
Oct 22, 2020
22 October, 2020 Dear Sisters and Brothers; Attached you will find a letter from the ministers of Finance and Crown Services addressed to Manitoba Hydro and the Manitoba Hydro Electric Board.

Oct 07, 2020
Over the course of the past year, Local 2034 has taken its Shop Steward training programme and developed independent study modules that will allow members to be trained as stewards in the comfort of their own home locations and at any time convenient to themselves. This newly formatted training takes the form of topic specific modules that consist of a video presentation, short readings in the form of handouts, and module quizzes.
Oct 06, 2020
A notice was recently sent out to the Unit Chairs that we would be postponing our October Unit meetings until further notice as a precaution to help stop the spread of COVID-19. When we resume our Unit meetings we will go over previous and current Unit Meeting Minutes at that time.
Jun 12, 2020
Dear Sisters and Brothers; 12 June, 2020 – Workforce Adjustment Update As you have probably heard, CUPE has just agreed to accepting all of its membership taking three unpaid days off to provide Hydro with monetary savings it has identified as needing to come from CUPE labour costs. By doing so, CUPE has avoided having 28 of its members laid off for a period of 4 months. CUPE only agreed to this after lengthy discussions and negotiation with the Corporation.
Jun 12, 2020
Dear Sisters and Brothers; Below please find an exciting press release from the Manitoba Federation of Labour. The IBEW is proud to have played an influential role in pursuing this important labour cause. In solidarity,
Jun 05, 2020
Dear Sisters and Brothers; For your information, the following communication has been shared with the media this afternoon. In solidarity, Manitoba Hydro has announced plans to temporarily lay off 200 front line workers for a period of 4 months to take effect in early to mid-September, and lasting until early to mid-December 2020. Approximately 36 other employees have avoided similar layoffs by accepting a salary reduction through a variety of unpaid days off instead.
Jun 05, 2020
Dear Sisters and Brothers; By now, members who have been identified by Hydro for potential layoff have probably been notified by the Corporation. As a result, we have spent the day contacting all affected members, and for the most part we've been successful in speaking with affected individuals. If for some reason we have been unable to reach you, please contact the office so that we may share with you what is happening at this time. In solidarity,
Jun 02, 2020
Dear Sisters and Brothers; Earlier today, IBEW 2034 met with representatives of CUPE 998 and Unifor 681 in order to brainstorm on possible ways of eliminating, or at the very least, reducing the need for Hydro to requires either layoffs or days without pay in order to meet its cost reduction targets. After productive discussions, all three bargaining units remain united in their goal to eliminate layoffs and to reduce, as much as possible, any negative impacts that might befall members as a result of Hydro's cost reduction mandate. To that end we've sent a letter to the Vice-President of Human Resources requesting a joint meeting tomorrow and we've outlined topics for discussion at that meeting. The text of that letter is included below. Please be assured that we'll keep you apprised of further developments as they happen.
May 29, 2020
Dear Sisters and Brothers; This morning at 9:00 a.m. IBEW 2034 took part in a virtual meeting with Manitoba Hydro’s Vice-President of Human Resources, the Director of Employee Relations, ER Staff, and representatives of the other bargaining units at Hydro. As you know, we have been meeting with the Corporation and lobbying it to consider alternatives to proposed layoffs for several weeks. Today’s meeting was to be the first time that the Corporation was going to share with us any progress it had made towards avoiding temporary workforce adjustments. We have been persistently urging Hydro to consider various cost saving measures which have included heightened vacancy management and the elimination of contracting out our work, which so many of you have been concerned with.
May 22, 2020
Dear Sisters and Brothers; Last week the IBEW issued a communication to our membership in response to the Corporation exhibiting behaviours that could be perceived by our members as intimidating. The President, by stating her preference for an across the board pay cut to all employees, created stress, anxiety, and confusion among our members. Her comments intimidated several employees who now feel they are being pressured into accepting her preferred option. Because of this, we have directed our counsel to investigate the propriety and legality of President Grewal’s actions.
May 15, 2020
Dear Sisters and Brothers, On May 14 @ 8:00 AM President Jay Grewal sent a message to all employees at MH in which she confirmed that she remained “open to exploring all options for achieving the $11 million workforce expense reduction” and that Hydro was “engaged in ongoing dialogue with all of the unions and associations to this end.”
May 13, 2020
Dear Sisters and Brothers; As you have seen recently, the Pallister government is set on compromising the safety and well-being of Manitobans by needlessly laying off public sector workers, including 600-700 employees at Manitoba Hydro. The effects of these cuts will be far reaching and long lasting. Premier Pallister and his colleagues have so far resisted virtually unanimous opposition to his plan by the most credible of experts. Holding the majority of seats in the Assembly seems to have deluded him into believing that he's invincible and has no need of expert advice. The time has come to let him hear from everyday Manitobans who will cast judgement on his government the next time they hit the ballot box. I’m writing to urge you to make your voice known – not just to the Premier, but to everyone of his cabinet colleagues. I’m asking that you take the time to write a short email to your MLA and to members of the opposition, condemning the government’s short-sighted plan to lay off Hydro employees. For your convenience I’ve included a listing of all MLAs and their email addresses at the end of this letter.
May 12, 2020
Dear Sisters and Brothers; CNC is organizing a physically distant protest on wheels for the public to demonstrate that they support investment in communities, not cuts. This is a follow up action to the first Honakathon, which was held on May 1st. Honkathon 2 is scheduled "while the house is in session." Our compassionate racket of horns, bike bells, and cries for a more just provincial response to the Covid crisis will be "heard from inside the Legislative Chamber." The details of this event are as follows: WHAT: Physically distant honkathon and sign blitz, protesting MB cuts, and working towards a #justfuturemb. WHEN: Wednesday, May 13th, 12:00 noon-1:15pm, "While the House is in Session". WHERE: Manitoba Legislative Building If you are at all able to be present and take part in voicing our legitimate concerns with the government's announced layoffs, please attend. We need to make our voices heard! For more information about this event, please go to . In solidarity, Michael Espenell Business Manager IBEW Local Union 2034
May 11, 2020
Dear Sisters and Brothers: The IBEW has been flooded with the many concerns currently overwhelming our members. While it’s difficult to reply to all your emails and calls in a timely fashion, we will do our best to respond to you as quickly as we can. At this time, I feel it’s important to share the attached joint communication from all the Bargaining units, sent to Manitoba Hydro on April 20th, 2020. As you’ll see, the bargaining groups have been collaborating together, and have shown a great willingness and desire to discuss possible alternatives to Layoffs/Reductions.
May 11, 2020
Dear Sisters and Brothers: Please see attached joint communication sent out by all the Manitoba Hydro Bargaining units PALLISTER PUSHES RECKLESS PLAN TO LAY OFF 700 AT MANITOBA HYDRO
May 11, 2020
Dear Sisters and Brothers; Earlier this morning in a meeting with Jay Grewal and all Bargaining Unit representatives, we were advised that Manitoba Hydro will be proceeding with approximately 600-700 lay-offs. These lay-offs are the result of government direction. Manitoba Hydro and the Corporation’s executive had reassured us on multiple occasions that there is and was no plan for layoffs. Despite this, Brian Pallister has recently placed unreasonable expectations on the Corporation, stating that it must come up with $86.2 Million in cost saving measures before the end of August 2020.
May 10, 2020
Hello Sisters and Brothers; Recent events have made motherhood even more challenging than it already is. Whether it’s having to “home-school” and take on substantial teaching duties; balance work and care-giving responsibilities; or take the many extra precautions necessary to ensure loved ones are safe; mothers persevere while spreading joy and love in our lives without receiving the regular accolades they truly deserve. Please take the time to wish all your mothers and grandmothers a happy Mother’s Day and be sure to thank them for everything they do! Happy Mother’s Day everyone! In solidarity, Business Manager IBEW Local Union 2034
May 09, 2020
9 May, 2020 Dear Sisters and Brothers; I'm including below a copy of Dan Lett's opinion piece published in the Winnipeg Free Press on May 5th. The subject affects us all and should remind us to be wary of what ploys the government might try on us. In solidarity, Business Manager IBEW Local Union 2034
Apr 28, 2020
Dear Sisters and Brothers; As in previous years, today (April 28th) marks our National Day of Mourning. As you probably know, this day was chosen to remember and honour all persons who were killed or injured in the workplace. In short, today serves as a reminder of everyone's right to a safe and healthy workplace. Now is the time for us to renew our commitment to improving health and safety at work. In these trying days, this includes adhering to "social distancing" guidelines, and all other COVID-19 protocols. Let today's Day of Mourning not only help us remember and honour those who have become ill, been hurt, or been killed at work. Let it also remind us of our obligation to further the wellbeing and protection of everyone in the workplace, and in so doing, avoid needless illness and loss of life. In solidarity, Business Manager IBEW Local Union 2034
Apr 15, 2020
Greetings Brothers and Sisters; I’m writing to you in the hopes of relieving some of the fears that have no doubt come to the surface lately as a result of President Grewal’s message to staff on Tuesday of this week. When listening to Premier Pallister talk of his hopes to improve the province’s financial position on the backs of those employed by the public service and Manitoba’s crown corporations, it’s only natural to fear for the worst.
Apr 10, 2020
Dear Sisters and Brothers; On behalf of the staff and executive at IBEW 2034, I would like to wish you and your loved ones all a Happy Easter weekend
Apr 03, 2020
April 3, 2020 IBEW 2034 - COVID-19 Update April 3/2020    Dear Sisters and Brothers; I hope you and your loved ones are all doing well. I want to thank each and every one of our members for their dedicated service through this difficult and unprecedented period of time. The health and safety of you, your family, and your communities are the most important thing and I urge everyone to take all necessary precautions and safeguards.
Mar 26, 2020
IBEW 2034  - COVID-19 Update March 26/2020    Dear Sisters and Brothers; I want to take a few minutes of your time and give you an update. Most importantly, I hope you and your loved ones are all doing well.    We’re enduring so many changes that it’s completely expected to be left with questions and concerns about a lot of things.
Mar 19, 2020
Dear Sisters and Brothers; This will serve as a reminder of the individual scholarships sponsored by Local 2034 and available to our members. These should not be confused with the scholarships available through the 1st District of the IBEW. Members have the opportunity to receive a scholarship from two sources - the First District Office and the IBEW Local 2034. Please see the information below and consider applying.
Mar 19, 2020
IBEW 2034 - COVID-19 Update March 19/2020 Dear Sisters and Brothers; IBEW 2034 has been steadily monitoring the evolving situation with regard to the COVID-19 and continuous daily communication with Manitoba Hydro, raising several concerns and advocating for solutions to some of the issues immediately in front of us as a result of the current crisis. We are FIRMLY committed to the health and safety of our members, staff and public at large To date, this is what we know or can share:
Mar 17, 2020
Dear Sisters and Brothers; IBEW 2034 has been, and is continuing to monitor the evolving situation with regard to the COVID-19. We are committed to the health and safety of our members, staff and public at large.
Feb 14, 2020
IBEW 2034 Bargaining update – Feb 14/2020 Bill 28- the Public Sector Sustainability Act has not yet been proclaimed but is still part of every public sector bargaining mandate. 0%, 0%, .75%, 1%, over 4 years. The Joint Coalition of Unions court action began Monday Nov 18/2019 with opening statements and will see final arguments February 18-20/2020. A decision is expected to be reached in mid March. It will be significant not only for workers in Manitoba, but across the country.
Jan 18, 2020

Jan 18, 2020
Dear Sisters and Brothers; This will serve as a reminder of the individual scholarships sponsored by Local 2034 and available to our members. These should not be confused with the scholarships available through the 1st District of the IBEW. Members have the opportunity to receive a scholarship from two sources - the First District Office and the IBEW Local 2034. Please see the information below and consider applying. In solidarity,
Oct 24, 2019
It’s been two weeks since Manitoba’s “storm of the century” took the province by surprise, and left residents without power for extended periods of time.  It’s estimated that this storm impacted over 200,000 Manitobans, showering them with the heavy snowfall that downed hydro towers, poles and lines across southern Manitoba.
Oct 15, 2019
15 October, 2019 Dear Sisters and Brothers; Manitoba’s recent snowstorm has taken a huge toll on the province. During this time, IBEW 2034 members have risen to the challenge and once again put themselves out there for Manitobans.
Nov 28, 2018
June 6, 2018 IBEW Partnering with other Unions to Defend Public Services Partnership makes its case for injunction against legislated wage freezes “Over the past 2 days, our partnership made some very compelling arguments that the act is already infringing the Charter rights of public sector workers. We have done everything possible to put our best foot forward.
Nov 28, 2018

Nov 28, 2018
March 29, 2018 Manitoba Hydro should remain a public utility By Wab Kinew, published in the Winnipeg Free Press March 29, 2018 Manitoba Hydro is at a crossroads. People in our province expect Manitoba Hydro to be reliable. When our families flip a switch, we expect the lights to come on, and when our families open our bills, we expect them to be affordable.
Nov 28, 2018

Nov 28, 2018
March 22, 2018 Hydro mess could spark disaster for premier Disarray doesn’t seem a strong enough word to capture the magnitude of the mess that enveloped Premier Brian Pallister and his government Wednesday morning.
Nov 28, 2018
March 20, 2018 Union for Safeway workers in Manitoba reach tentative deal with company WINNIPEG – The union representing about 2,200 employees at Safeway stores in Manitoba says a deal has been struck in contract negotiations, just hours before it had said they would be in a legal strike position.
Nov 28, 2018
March 20, 2018 CUPE members in Manitoba celebrate major victory against P3s The Manitoba Government has cancelled all plans to involve public-private partnerships (P3s) in the education system, and instead is committing to build five new publicly-funded schools in Winnipeg and Brandon.
Nov 28, 2018
Electrical Workers Without Borders North America Dear Brothers and Sisters: The delegates to the 39th IBEW International Convention in St. Louis, Missouri unanimously passed Resolution No. 8 supporting establishing Electrical Workers without Borders North America.
Nov 28, 2018
Building Corporation Meeting Notice In 2016 the IBEW 2034 Executive asked the Local Union Office to look at purchasing a new building. Shortly thereafter Manitoba Hydro announced that they were looking at reducing 900 jobs. In light of this, all plans to purchase a property at the time were placed on hold.
Nov 28, 2018
IBEW 2034 SCHOLARSHIPS   IBEW LOCAL 2034 Scholarships – 2018 The IBEW Local 2034 recognizes that post-secondary education and training provides positive career opportunities for recipients.  To assist in bringing such opportunities to its members and their families, the membership has approved twenty (20) scholarships of $1,000.
Nov 28, 2018
Hydro union leader targets safety and contracting out as rate hearings wind down IBEW head says Hydro’s staff reductions affect safety and service delivery By Sean Kavanagh, CBC News Union representing hundreds of Hydro staff say electricity rate increases should be limited to one year and then reviewed.

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