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Local Union Structure
Apr 16, 2024

IBEW Local 2034 has an Executive Board which is made up of 7 elected members and 4 elected Table officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer and Recording Secretary. They ensure that a good governance structure is in place, in conformation with the IBEW Constitution. Executive Board members serve a three year term.

In addition, Local 2034 members elect a Business Manager to a 3-year term. The Business Manager serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Local 2034 with a responsibility of looking after the day-to-day operations of the Union. The Executive Board co-operates with the Business Manager in the performance of the duties of the office. The Business Manager (currently Mike Espenell) hires all office staff and assistants as well as appoints shop stewards. They work under his direction.

IBEW Committee members are appointed by the President in consultation with the Business Manager. Committees can be formed on a temporary basis (for example negotiating committees) or a continuing basis (Labour/Management or Safety committees).

Local 2034 is divided into 24 Units which meet monthly for union meetings in various towns and cities throughout Manitoba. Each is headed by an elected Unit Chairperson.


There are two categories of membership in the IBEW, “A” and “BA”:

  • “A” members generally work for contractors and may change employers or work locations frequently. They pay into the IBEW Pension fund.
  • “BA” members are usually hired by and work for a single employer. Pension and benefits are usually negotiated as part of the IBEW contract with that employer.

Monthly dues are assessed in accordance with the IBEW Constitution and IBEW Local 2034 Bylaws. For both “A” and “BA” membership the monthly dues are:

  • Working Dues, All classifications – 3/4 of an hour’s pay per month, plus the per capita amount as specified in the IBEW Constitution.
  • “A” members pay a $19 monthly premium to belong to the IBEW Pension Benefit Fund.

As mentioned above, applicable per capita fees are also collected – as of January 2020, this amount is $20. All union dues are fully tax deductible!

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