Electrical Workers Without Borders North America

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

The delegates to the 39th IBEW International Convention in St. Louis, Missouri unanimously passed Resolution No. 8 supporting establishing Electrical Workers without Borders North America.

Electrical Workers Without Borders North America (EWWBNA) is a non-profit organization that has been established to study, promote and establish projects around the world that support development of infrastructure in developing nations or regions that have been affected by natural disasters. The EWWBNA works closely with other associations, including national or international public entities and non-governmental organizations that operate to assist disadvantage populations to achieve this purpose.

EWWBNA provides opportunities to support human rights and dignity throughout the world by providing the knowledge, resources and experience to bring much needed electricity, telecommunications, and clean drinking water to those countries. The EWWBNA will also organize emergency actions and reconstruction projects in regions affected by catastrophic events, humanitarian crises and other extraordinary events.

Time and support of the IBEW membership are needed to stand behind EWBBNA’s ability to properly supply electricity to those in need. To accomplish this, volunteers that are willing to provide their expertise in all facets of the electrical industry are essential. Not only will IBEW members be called upon to work in areas of the world that have no electricity, but they will also be called to provide the necessary training.

Recently 33 IBEW members from across the USA answered the call to assist in rebuilding Puerto Rico and were joined by 330 union volunteers from various building trades. Currently relationships are being built in countries such as Haiti, Cuba, Suriname, Bangladesh, Montserrat and several others to provide ongoing training.  This YouTube video highlights some of the great work volunteers of IBEW Locals 77, 111, 125 and 1245 performed in Suriname:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBn9H6c-xLs

A database of IBEW members who are willing and able to participate as volunteers for various assignments in North America and around the world is being established. We ask that if you’re interested in being considered for one of these worthwhile endeavors that you complete the questionnaire below and forward it to: IBEW, 900 7th St., N.W. Washington, DC, 20001. Attention Jennifer Smith.

This may be something that some of you are interested in participating in.

In Solidarity

Mike Velie


Questionnaire for Volunteers

Electrical Workers without Borders North America

  • Local Union Number           ___________________
  • IBEW Card Number ____________________
  • Name  _________________________________________________
  • Address:_________________________________________________
  • Date of Birth ________________________________________________
  • Passport                                 Y________   N _______
  • Willing to be out of the country for:
  • One Week __________
  • Two Weeks __________
  • Skills:
  • Inside Wireman                                      Y________         N________
  • Apprenticeship Instructor                    Y________         N________
  • Telecommunications                             Y________         N________
  • Journeyman Lineman                           Y________         N________
  • Fibre Optics                                            Y________         N________
  • Substation Technician                           Y________         N________
  • Welding                                                    Y________         N________
  • Cable Splicing                                         Y________         N________
  • Safety Instructor                                     Y________         N________
  • Other classification (pls describe)       _________________________


If you have any special skills not listed above please list below or if there are an extra explanation offered, please add below:


  1. Please offer any further information you feel would assist in this endeavor:

______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________