Building Corporation Meeting Notice

In 2016 the IBEW 2034 Executive asked the Local Union Office to look at purchasing a new building. Shortly thereafter Manitoba Hydro announced that they were looking at reducing 900 jobs. In light of this, all plans to purchase a property at the time were placed on hold. Even though we saw a reduction in our membership, as of January 31, 2018 we have savings (cash and term deposits) of $4,925,964.91 and total assets of $5,929,104.91.

The Executive has asked the Local Union office to revisit the purchase of a new building. Having said that, the Local Union is currently in negotiations to purchase a new office building located on Portage Avenue in Winnipeg, MB.

The purchase of a building has to be done through the IBEW 2034 Building Corporation, and before any purchase can be completed, the approval of the IBEW 2034 membership and the approval of the International President of the IBEW has to be sought.

The Local Union 2034 Building Corporation is required to provide 10 days notice of a meeting of the Building Corporation, and to notify the membership of the nature of any motion to be presented at the Building Corporation meeting.

The purpose of this communication is to provide the membership with notification that, immediately following the March Unit meetings, each unit will have a meeting of the Building Corporation.  A listing of the meetings can be found on the IBEW 2034 website under the heading “CALENDAR”.  (

The nature of the resolutions before the membership will be for the approval of the Bylaws of the Local 2034 Building Corporation and for the membership’s approval to purchase a new office building.

Please note that, so as not to impede our bargaining position with the current owner, we’re not providing the physical address of the building, nor are we providing details of our offer at this time.  In the event that a deal cannot be reached to purchase the building, a meeting of the Building Corporation will still be held for the approval of the Building Corporation Bylaws.

You are all encouraged to attend your unit meeting and let your voice be heard on these important decisions.