Wrong Transformers Supplied

Below is another case where the wrong voltage transformer was called for and delivered. 7200/12000Y volt transformers instead of 12000 delta were called for on the job instruction and delivered. I say another case as this happened last year and also a few weeks ago to a General Construction crew. An incident was avoided in the circumstance below due to the crew following proper checking and verification procedures. Please make your crews aware to watch out for this:
A heads up. The transformers delivered for Schindler 1114 were the wrong primary voltage. The line is 12kv delta and we received 7.2/12Y pots. The crew followed proper procedures in testing voltage and rotation and caught the error before energizing the secondaries. We were able to wire the closed bank to provide good customer voltage. The inspector is bringing out the two transformers for the open bank. Crew instructions actually call for the incorrect transformers. A good reminder to always check voltage before connecting your secondaries.