Vehicle Rollover

Brief Description of Incident:
While proceeding into a left curve in the road, the employee saw a vehicle coming towards him in the approaching lane. He realized he was crowding the center line and corrected to allow the oncoming vehicle to pass safely. Due to the sand and gravel on the edge of the pavement the van started to lose control. The employee overcorrected trying to keep the van on the road. The van then swung sideways, skidding across the roadway. When the passenger side wheels contacted the gravel on the opposite edge of the road the van tipped over landing on its side in the ditch facing the opposite direction.
• Reduce speed for conditions – Monitor the conditions of the road ahead and adjust speed accordingly.
• Don’t Rush! Schedule enough time to perform all our tasks safely must not be forgotten or over looked. We all have heavy workloads and many times jobs may not go exactly as planned. If tasks cannot be completed as planned in the time allowed we need to reassess and make changes as necessary.