Fuse Penetrates Workers Body

Brief Description of Incident:

An overhead crew was dispatched to a no power call.  The crew conducted an onsite assessment and noticed a primary fuse was blown as of the result of open wire secondary being wrapped together.  After conducting a tailboard plan and repairing the secondary wires they proceeded to refusing the transformer.

The fuse did not hold and blew immediately. A projectile from the fuse shot down and penetrated the employee’s arm who was belted in below the secondary level.  The employee was transported to hospital, had the projectile surgically removed and is currently doing well.

Investigation Findings:

Old fuse links were sleeved with cardboard

Fuse Link 1

New fuse links are sleeved with plastic or an epoxy coating.

Fuse Link 2

Projectile that penetrated employee

Fuse Link 3